Bug in ggplotly with boxplots

I’m new to plotly and only using the ggplotly function to have nice a bit more interactive graphs in RMarkdown HTML documents.
However I noticed that the position dodging of boxplots doesn’t work.
Sample code without plotly
mpg %>% filter(manufacturer %in% c(‘audi’, ‘toyota’)) %>% ggplot(aes(x=class, y=cty, fill=manufacturer)) + geom_boxplot()
But with plotly boxes are overlapping:
mpg %>% filter(manufacturer %in% c(‘audi’, ‘toyota’)) %>% {ggplot(data=.,aes(x=class, y=cty, fill=manufacturer)) + geom_boxplot()} %>% ggplotly()

Hey @masch,

try adding %>% layout(boxmode = 'group')