Browser wont open app after executing script


For some reason, my browser does not open my dash app after running the script. It is stuck in an endless loading loop.

I executed the script with PyCharm,VSC and via the Command Prompt.
I tried to use Firefox, Chrome and the Internet Explorer but its always the same.

Any ideas what i could do to fix this? :frowning:


hi @Dman31
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Do you have any firewall activated on your computer. In my last job, my scripts wouldn’t run because there was a strong anti-virus and firewall on my work computer that prevented the script from executing on the broswer.

Thanks for the suggestion but turning off firewall & anti-virus did not fix the problem.

So what happens on your computer after you click on the http://…8050 link?

A new tab opens but it keeps loading in an endless loop.

Do you have 2 network connections connected by chance? (WiFi and Ethernet)
Set dash to run with host=‘’ to list on all interfaces and any address.

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