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Boilerplate for Python Dash Projects

Hi all,

I have always had difficulties in starting a product-ready dash project.
So, I created a boilerplate inspired by toddbirchard.

I made some changes that were crucial to make it useful. The main features are:

  • venv is used as virtual environment.
  • a simple .env is used as the main dotfile.
  • flake8 is used for style guide enforcement.
  • pylint is used for static code analysis.
  • uWSGI is used as web server gateway interface.
  • Makefile and deploy.sh are written to make it product-ready.
  • pytest and pytest-cov are used for unit testing and coverage reports.
  • .editorconfig was used to configure and enforce formatting and code style conventions.
  • .vscode settings.json is used to configure Visual Studio Code.
  • It works well with callbacks (callback issue of the plotlydash-flask-tutorial is resolved).
  • UI boilerplate like jinja2 and less are removed.

Hope that you like it!