Boilerplate code for enabling plot options and customizations?

I think it would be great if there was an option to enable plot options by default for dash apps (through the web app). What I mean by this is for example enabling dropdowns, numeric inputs and checkboxes for styling of scatter plots for example, like marker size and line width and color etc. While I obviously can make these myself, it would be nice as a component that’s easy to enable for each type of plot (groupby in boxplots, orientation for histograms, log-axis option, axislabels and more) etc. For example in the graph declaration, or the html-declaration for the figure.

I do realize this is quite complex to achieve though, but if not a simple on/off component, some sort of boilerplate callback for each type of plot that’s readily available in documentation. As it is now I need to check the documentation, and create custom callbacks for each plot type. For the options themselves I need to manually type them in a list for example, and enable them in the callback.

Sorry if I’m unclear, or if this is unfeasible, just thought I’d share, I think it would be a nice feature to increase flexibility and potentially reduce multiple ways of doing the same thing.