Block mapbox navigation (zoom in, move around, ...) with dash

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I wanted to know if it was possible to block the navigation (zooming in/out, moving around) within a mapbox graph. I couldn’t find any tag doing so in the doc: (

My problem is that I have three map graphs showing three different type of information of the same region. What I wished is that whatever the user do with one map, the two others refreshes based on this. However, this doesn’t seems to be possible since I either end up in a looping configuration (therefore a dependency error) or one of the graph end up not following the two others.
My solution was therefore to block two graphs, only let one navigable, and refresh the two firsts based on the input of the third one.


There is a set of config options in the dcc.Graph, see Is it possible to hide the floating toolbar?. Try

dcc.Graph(..., config={'staticPlot': True})
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Thanks a lot!! That’s exactly what I needed.

Is there any other documentation where I could have found this argument? I checked and it is not in the reference doc I have mentioned above. I however found many discussions mentioning it when I specifically searched for ‘staticPlot’.
Thanks a lot again!

In general, try calling help on the object that you are interested in:

>>> help(dcc.Graph)

Otherwise, we just need to fill out more info on the dcc.Graph component in the official docs repo: GitHub - plotly/dash-docs: ISSUE TRACKER ONLY for The Official Dash Userguide & Documentation

Perfect, thanks a lot!

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