Mapbox like tool for figures (jpg/png)

We are using dash/plotly for different dashboards and solutions. However currently we are working on a dashboard in which one element is driving us crazy.

What we want to do is the following. To place an image on the screen on which you can scroll/hover/zoom-in, when you press a predefined area activate a call-back, which generates changes to the dashboard. The pressing on the predefined area and activating the related call-back isn’t the problem.

What is:

We want to have an image on the screen over which we can scroll/hover/zoom-in with a mouse like one can in a MapBox. So, for example in a MapBox you can zoom-in with your mouse-wheel and with left-button pressed you can change the position (move along) of the map. This all without sliders.
Any guidance on how to realizes this? And where we have to start looking: plotly, dash, bootstrap.
Thanks in advance.

I guess you could set the image as a Poorly plot background image, activate the config to zoom on scroll and set the default plot tool to pan.
Have you tried something like this?

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@RenaudLN, thanks for the suggestion. The only thing we have to figure out is the current way we do the callbacks. We are going to try this and report back here :email: