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Blank output when using go.Sunburst

Hello, I’m ploting Sunburst graph using graph_objs and plotly.offline, but I find that it always shows blank HTML. I think the codes should be ok because it works when I truntrated the dataset using the top 10 data points, but as the data length grows, the blank graph appears. Could anyone tell me what I should do to solve this problem? Thanks.

Hi @gavinxu, welcome to the forum. Can you open the browser console to see if there are error messages in Javascript?

Are you using the branchvalues='total' option of go.Sunburst? We had a problem with numerical precision in this mode, it has been corrected very recently in and the fix will be part of the next release which should come next week :crossed_fingers:. You can try to set branchvalues to remainder to see if the problem disappears (if yes, you are hitting this numerical problem and either you can wait for the next release, or see the workaround described in

Thanks for your reply but it shows no error in the browser. I tried to use `branchvalues=‘remainder’ and nothing changed…

ok. Would it be possible to share your data (or a dataset reproducing the issue) and the exact code that you’re using to generate the figure?