bar chart with negative values and different widths

Hi guys
I’m just starting out in graphics and I’m trying to make this graphic here. It looks like a barplot to me, but I can’t write a code that looks like this. Can anyone help me?
brown 2012
Here are some examples of data I would use

Acari 65,75 0,48 0,41
Crotoniidae 44,52 0,37 0,26
Galummnidae 19,18 0,43 0,14
Oppiidae 21,23 0,39 0,13
Scheloribatidae 9,59 0,32 0,07
Phthiricaridae 6,16 0,34 0,04
Trombidiidae 4,79 0,51 0,23
Uropodidae 12,33 0,39 0,07
Heminothrus 3,42 0,37 0,18

Hi @direis, welcome to the community!

You are right, you should be able to create this with a bar chart customizing bar with and bar base with one exception. It’s not possible to overlap the bars. I guess this has been done to decrease the overall width of the figure.