Back end code send text to dash app


my target is to preview text from back end code running as a service on debian systems.
The issue derives from the fact that systemd is not able to pass the print() command from python code running as a service to another system, and linux journal is complicated to workout.

So my question is, is there any way to handle post request from client and preview the text on the web app of dash ? how this communication might be achieved without intermediate files ? or other viable method.

Is this going out of scope of dash , and maybe should i look to another web app frameworks ?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi @Bambos, welcome back to the forums.

I’m not sure I understood what you are trying to do. You want to show a message in a dash app?

@AIMPED Hello ! and happy new year.

Yes, I’m trying to find a way to display the print() function of the back -end code to a front end for display reasons.

So i’m willing to make a modified print_out() function using sockets, http post method or other method to send this text to the dash front end and display on a text area.
The actual reason is to be able to display what the back-end code is doing while running as a service with systemd. There is no console / SLI to display the print() functions.

I hope now is clear. thank you.