Axis Labels on 3D Plots

Super great functionality! I recently spent a frusteratingly long time attempting to create an interactive PDF or xhtml with some success - but the plotly is far and away the most beautiful.

I have studied up on some of the documentation and have used plotly/dash for python. This is my first attempt to use it for Matlab.

I am having some minor issues and I wonder if there is a work around - it doesn’t seem that I can set axis labels and furthermore the face color option doesn’t appear to be retained.
Any suggestions? I would even consider remapping these variables in python if that was an optional work around?

Thank you in advance - great product.

h = gcf;
ax = gca;

h.Children.Children.FaceColor = '#4DBEEE';
xlabel('X Axis')
ylabel('Y Axis')
zlabel('Z Axis')
filename = 'peaks';

layout = struct(...

fig2plotly(h, 'filename', filename, 'offline', true, 'open', false, 'layout', layout)

Matlab Original


Try something close to this, fig.update may not be the right function call so check what’s the alternative for your graph type

fig.update_layout(title=‘Your title’,
scene ={“xaxis”:{“title”: “X-Axis”},
“yaxis”:{“title”: “Y-Axis”},
“zaxis”:{“title”: “Z-axis”}},