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Automatic granularity when using dtick and tick0?

Hello everybody, I find myself in need of customizing an axis so that the ticks show the last day of each trimester instead of the first day of the following one.
While I was successful in doing so, I also noticed that providing the dtick and tick0 parameters somehow disabled Plotly’s default behavior of decreasing the axis’ granularity if it becomes too “crowded”.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. Thanks for your help!

That’s correct setting tickmode: 'auto' disables dtick and tick0.

Upcoming feature might help you out.

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That does look like what I need! Thanks again!

EDIT: on second thought, I’m not too sure. How would it work? The way I see it, this would allow me to, say, drop the day if I zoom out enough, but it won’t actually let me hide some of the ticks.