Authentication for a Dash app?

I have a site where some users can register and login to see some content, on the other hand i’m building a Webapp with Dash. How can i “include” my future webapp into my existing site, so that only logged in users will be able to see the webpage? Or is there a way to edit my Dash app so that it will include a login form?

Hi Sile,

Perhaps the following Dash page will help you.

Last but not least you could create a custom login with Dash using input fields. You can create a username and password field. When you add a ‘submit’ button you can trigger a callback that displays the content. The callback triggers a method that changes the style attribute (display) of the content. I’m not sure how secure this option is, but when it is for an internal dashboard i would not be that harmful.

Thanks for you answer! I looked into Basic Auth already, but i need something “higher” level, for example 1) could i “include” my app into my site so that when a user logs into my site he can also open the app (session)? 2) Or if it’s not possible, would i be able to create a login form where the form is connected to my site’s database with every user’s credentials?