Audio examples for Dash

Hi - do you know of any examples with Audio component? I’d like user to be able to play part of a wave file. Any hints will be appreciated!


see Audio Component not loading

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Thanks for your prompt response! And sorry for the long delay. I am doing this as a free, open source project for conservation science (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, non-profit), and it had to wait until I have enough time to dig into it.

Turns out Audio Component might not be the right fit for me. What I am looking for is very close (identical?) as in this post: Linking Scatter plot elements to Audio Files

Long story short, I’d like to classify bird species via embeddings presented on Dash / plotly. For this to make any sense, user needs to be able to click on a graph and play the audio.

Any ideas?


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Is there any update on this problem?

Yup. Here’s homemade component:

… and an example

Is that what you were looking for?