Are there any data viz community projects with Plotly/Dash?

Do you guys know MakeOverMonday? It’s a community project where each week a data set and data viz are being published and everyone who likes to participate has one week to publish an improved data visualisation / dashboard with any chosen tool.

I’ve just recently participated in the last challenge using Vizro and Plotly.


Most of the submissions there are done via Tableau. What I’ve been observing with the Tableau community is that everyone has been sharing their techniques on how to create certain charts and I’ve seen visualisation that I didn’t even think would be possible with Tableau.

I would love to do the same using Plotly/Dash, so I was wondering if there are any other data viz community projects similar to MakeOverMonday where Plotly/Dash is commonly used? I think it would be really cool to see how other people create custom charts/dashboards.

Where do you guys share your data visualisations / dashboards done via Plotly/Dash? :star:


HI @li.nguyen
Thanks for sharing about the MakeOverMonday initiative. I’ve heard about it and liked the idea.

I’ve actually been considering something similar with Plotly Dash. For now, we have the bi-monthly app-building challenges, and people share their apps and visualizations on the show-and-tell tag. But it would be nice to have something more organized. I just DM’d you.

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