App walkthrough

Hello all! I am trying to help a user understand how to use my app and what the options are. I’ve seen a demo of a “user walkthrough” for a plotly dash app somewhere. I can’t remember if it was a community-created package or something else. Please help if you can direct me. Thank you!

hi @vnavdulov

if you go to the dash community components list, you’ll see the Dash Tour Component. I think that might help you.

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Hello @vnavdulov,

I also have a walkthrough agent that you can take a look at here:

To register the walkthrough, you do that here (you can do multiples):

You can check out the whole template here:


That’s a great solution, I’ll try it out! Thank you @jinnyzor!

Thank you @adamschroeder, that’s the one I was looking for!

I love this little helper guy!

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I guess I should make him an AIO component? Haha

I think that is the most likely spot for him.