Announcing 3.7.0

I’m happy to announce that 3.7.0 has been released and is available on PyPI and the plotly anaconda channel.

This version incorporates plotly.js 1.45.2, and includes several features that we’re pretty excited about:

  • Matching axis support: It’s now possible to link together various axes so that they remain synchronized across pan/zoom operations (Example notebook)
  • Updated Ternary contour figure factory: The ternary_contour figure factory has been rewritten and is now based on the plotly.js ternary coordinate system (Example notebook)
  • Sankey updates: The Sankey trace is now even more powerful with support for circular links, node grouping, and colorscale-based link coloring (Example notebook)
  • Orthographic projection: The 3D coordinate system now supports both 'perspective' and 'orthographic' projections (Example notebook).
  • Auto play animations: It’s now possible to specify whether figures with frames are automatically animated on load using the new auto_play argument to the plotly.offline.plot and plotly.offline.iplot functions (Example notebook)

As always, see the README for Installation Instructions and the CHANGELOG for more details.

Happy plotting!