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Annotations on Scattermapbox

I am looking to add arrows (via annotations) on a Scattermapbox.
I have seen on Arrows between markers joined at the edges how to do it for standard scatter plots.
However, when I do this on my Scattermapbox, I see (x,y) axis appearing that are not expressed as (lat, lon).
If I cannot express the (x,y) in the (lat,lon) axis of the Scattermapbox, is there a way to convert (lat, lon) to (x,y) ?
I have also seen the annotations aren’t moving when zooming in/out of the Scattermapbox.

Does anyone have a clue how to do it?

@sdementen Hey, I am also looking to do the same. Were you able to figure this out? Please do let me know if you were able to sort this issue.

Dash Leaflet has support for decorated lines,

Maybe that could be an option? :upside_down_face:

I haven’t found a solution yet