ANN: PlotlyJS.jl Julia package

I’ve just registered PlotlyJS.jl with METADATA.jl (Julia’s package registry) . The package leverages plotly.js to provide a backend for offline plot generation (no interaction with plotly’s web API) in Julia. This will be the backend used to generate figures in the soon to be revamped Plotly.jl package. The latter will serve as the interface between Julia and plotly’s REST API.

The package has two main goals:

  1. Make it convenient to construct and manipulate plotly visualizations
  2. Provide infrastructure for viewing plots on multiple frontends and saving plotly graphics to files

Up to this point I have intentionally not put effort into creating a plotting API for this package, but rather have made it easy to leverage plotly’s declarative API from Julia. If you are looking for a lot of API extensions, see the plotlyjs backend in Plots.jl.

One main feature is a dedicated plotting GUI in an electron window (powered by Blink.jl). This allows us to have full 2 way communication between Julia and javascript, taking interactive plotting to a new level (enabling, among other things, streaming workflows where plots are updated inplace as new data arrives)

Check out the docs here: