Allow arbitrary keyword arguments for Dash Components

I am seeing this error for some Dash components I am try to create. In the react component I am allowing arbitrary attributes to be added onto the component but when I try to pass this to through Dash I am getting this exception:
TypeError: Unexpected keyword argument 'src'

I think React 16 allows for unknown DOM Attributes. Would it be possible to do the same for Dash?

All properties need to be declared upfront in the propTypes. We use propTypes to determine which properties are available. Arbitrary keyword arguments, we only support data-* and aria-* attributes, and you have to specify a specific proptype name data-* or aria-* (e.g. dash-html-components/Div.react.js at master · plotly/dash-html-components · GitHub). data-* properties were added in Support for wildcard attributes, implement data-* attribute by rmarren1 · Pull Request #237 · plotly/dash · GitHub