Ag Grid Slowness

Hello Dash community. Has anyone used the AG Grid on their project. I have implemented it on my blog., very easy to understand how it works and very powerful too. I have however noticed that the ag-grid table is slightly slow and takes a few seconds to load. This is way after the other graphs have rendered. I know this is an alpha version but just wanted to bring it up just incase … Here is the link incase one needs to taste : Rabet

Hello @Gaylord,

The site loads quick for me, actually before the graph is done.

May I ask if you can post a snippet of how you are initializing the grid?

Hello @jinnyzor here we go:

Yeah, I dont see anything that would bog it down.

How does your computer handle browsing in general?

I am using Lenovo ideapad 16GB. Its pretty fast with browsing. I am not sure why I was experiencing some lags earlier on. This was like the first 30 minutes after pushing the code. Its quite fast right now.

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Oh, interesting…

I dont know either. Maybe your system resources were being hogged by something?

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