Ag Grid: possible to paste columns from excel?


i’m quite new to plotly dash, and even more to Ag Grid … It is possible to paste datas from an excel sheet into a dash DataTable (paste columns for example). It seems that, by default, it is not possible with Ag Grid tables. Did I miss something (highly possible :slight_smile: ) ? I spent some times looking at videos on the (great) youtube channel “Charming Data”, but did not see that possibility yet … .
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Hello @VincentL,

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I dont believe that this is available by default, however, it looks to be possible (with AG Grid Enterprise).

We allow you to bring your own clipboard functions. :slight_smile:

processCellForClipboard: 1,
    processHeaderForClipboard: 1,
    processGroupHeaderForClipboard: 1,
    processCellFromClipboard: 1,
    sendToClipboard: 1,
    processDataFromClipboard: 1,

Read more here:

@jinnyzor Thank you for your answer !
well, so i 'm going to use datatables a little bit more for some applications :slight_smile:

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