Additional Click Information in Dash

ipywidgets.FigureWidget’s on_click method works well in Jupyter Notebook to get addtional information about a click event beyond just the point selected: ctrl/alt/shift/meta/button/buttons. Is there any way to get similar functionality in Dash? dcc.Graph’s atttribute clickData doesn’t help if there is a need to have different kinds of clicks.

Is anyone able to answer this one? Even a negative answer would be very helpful so I can stop thinking about a solution along these lines. Thanks!

Could you elaborate on what you need?

When a data point is clicked on in Dash, I need information on any additional keys which were being pressed at the same time, e.g. ctrl-Click, alt-Click, shift-Click. Whether the right or left mouse button was clicked would be helpful too. This works well with ipywidgets.FigureWidget in Jupyter, but I haven’t been able to find a way to get this working in Dash. Is there a way, or should I stop looking?

You might be able to capture keyboard inputs via the Keyboard component,

@Emil - Thanks! That Keyboard component just may do the job. I’ll look at it in more detail in the next few days, but at first glance it seems quite promising.