Interaction between Terminal and plotly dash

Hello all,

I’m very new to dash and plotly. I m currently using dash in jupyter (app = Jupyterdash())
I m using plotly to make a scatter plot. Is it possible to access the value that I clicked on as the attached picture shows?

By accessing I mean displaying it in an output section and then getting the clicked data in the terminal to put it in a list for example.

Thanks in advance.

you can use clickData attribute from dcc.Graph component to get that value in a callback. The callback will get the clicked data in the terminal (in your main program)

@danielT43 Thanks for your response. I would like to know if it’ s possilbe to do this not based on click but based on selected data with lasso select or box select

It actually is and it is pretty well explain here : .

Hopefully, that will help

@qdumont I will give it a look. Thanks a lot :smile: