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Adding transparency to lines in parallel coordinates

Here is the code to reproduce what I have gotten so far-

import pandas as pd
import plotly.graph_objects as go

zdf = pd.read_csv('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vyaduvanshi/helper-files/master/parallel_coordinates.csv')
group_vars = zdf['country'].unique()
zdfg = pd.DataFrame({'country':zdf['country'].unique()})
zdfg['dummy'] = zdfg.index
zdf = pd.merge(zdf, zdfg, on = 'country', how='left')

dimensions = list([dict(range=[zdf['gm_Retail & Recreation'].min(),zdf['gm_Retail & Recreation'].max()],
                        label='Retail & Recreation', values=zdf['gm_Retail & Recreation']),
                  dict(range=[zdf['gm_Grocery & Pharmacy'].min(),zdf['gm_Grocery & Pharmacy'].max()],
                       label='Grocery & Pharmacy', values=zdf['gm_Grocery & Pharmacy']),
                       label='Parks', values=zdf['gm_Parks']),
                  dict(range=[zdf['gm_Transit Stations'].min(),zdf['gm_Transit Stations'].max()],
                       label='Transit Stations', values=zdf['gm_Transit Stations']),
                       label='Workplaces', values=zdf['gm_Workplaces']),
                       label='Residential', values=zdf['gm_Residential']),
                       tickvals = zdfg['dummy'], ticktext = zdfg['country'],
                       label='Country', values=zdf['dummy']),

fig = go.Figure(data=go.Parcoords(line = dict(color = zdf['dummy'], colorscale=['rgba(99,110,250,0.9)',
                  ), dimensions=dimensions))

This is what it returns-

Now, I have added the alpha factor to every rgba value I passed and yet, I don’t see any transparency in any of the lines. Am I doing something wrong? How can I achieve transparency here?

Edit: Removed one feature from the code as it was obtained from another source and was not reproducible.