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Is it possible to highlight lines and/or add hoverlabels in a parallel coordinates plot?

I have a few parallel coordinates plots in a Jupyter notebook where I share results from a pandas dataframe with some colleagues. It has turned out that it is quite difficlult to seperate one line representing one variant from another. I have used colored lines but that is not enough:

data = [
line = dict(color = out.index.values),
dimensions = dimensions

I played around with with some different hover* options but nothing happens when I try to activate them.

So my questions are: Are there any ways to,
-Highlight a single line?
-Use some kind of hoverlabel that gives a short or long descriptiono of an underlying line?

I use Python 2.7 and Plotly 3.3.0


Maybe something like this?


Hi @overklighten,

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is currently possible with standard figure options. See for discussion of a parcoords tooltip.