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Adding as an exception in proxy... or generate a offline PNG image


I’ve been working with for a while, I already know how to connect to using a local proxy (tiniproxy). I’ve been using this documentation

Now , I need to connect to API using a proxy in my university, but we need to add manual exceptions to the proxy server in order to connect to your api, those exceptions should be added with the ip addresses. Trying to resolve your ip addresses always returns me different addresses (,,,, maybe because of a load balancer.

How many IP address should i add to my exceptions?, which ones?, is there a direct ip where i can connect to the api?.

To work around in this issue I’ve been trying to generate PNG graphics in offline mode, but as far i can understand i need a browser or a ipython notebook (also a browser) to generate the PNG graphic. Is there a way to generate the graphic without X (graphical user interface)?

I’m using python as client.

Thanks very much for your help, waiting for your answers.