Adding a space or padding after the last row in DataTable

I have a DataTable visual that allows users to add a row and copy/paste data. It will add a row to the very bottom of the DataTable (the new last row). Is there a way to add padding after the last row? I noticed that if there are drop downs its hard to view the options to select after added data to the very last row. Please advise if there is a way to make this better for the user. Thanks!

@jodood Are you trying to add padding to the bottom of the table or to the last row in the table (like inside the row itself)?

I’m trying to add padding to the bottom of the table between the last row and the horizontal scroll bar.


Few ways to do it:
1.) Could add an dash component right below it in your layout.
2.) You could target the table itself (it’s ID, or name or something) in CSS and add padding-bottom: 1.5rem
3.) Use the dash-bootstrap-components library to surround your table in a card. Cards naturally have padding around them as “containers”
4.) If the table is the only thing on the screen in your layout, you could also add any of the above to the body of your layout itself too