Add mark border on specific points

Is there any option to add border only on specific set of points. Currently I have “lines+markers” and I would like to apply border only on specific points from “lines+markers”. Is it possible to for example specify only some indexes for border?


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You can provide a list to marker.line.width matching the length of x and y. Here’s a quick example:

var data = [ {
  x: [2, 3],
  y: [4.5, 7],
  type: 'scatter',
  mode: 'lines+markers',
  marker: {
    color: 'rgb(17, 157, 255)',
    size: 60,
    line: {
      color: 'rgb(231, 99, 250)',
      width: [6, 0]
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Thank you jlfsjunior for quick response and advice. For ordinary plot everything works perfectly, unfortuantelly when I tried it with map nothing happend. Here (link) is example where everithing is ok and here (link) is example where this same appoach dos not work. Is there any way to make it work for map?