Add hyperlinks to plot data

Is it possible to add a hyperlink to data points in a scatter plot or bars in a bar plot using the python api?

Basically, i’d like to bring up another plot/dashboard/report when plot data is clicked. Unfortunately the ‘Click Events in Python’ section of the documentation is not very helpful.


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I also have this question. I am an experienced SAS programmer and have developed many HTML dashboards with interactivity that depends on the ability to click on plotted points or other plot objects to jump to other HTML files. SAS makes this very easy. Adding one simple command to plots, such as “html=pre-defined-text-variable”, where the text variable is an HTML link defined in the data set for each point, will create links for each plotted point to the pre-defined HTML references. When will DASH/Plotly add this ability? Until such a method exists, plotly will never be able to replace most of the work that is so easily accomplished in SAS.

Hi @jjjhixon,

It is possible to respond to click events in Dash. See So you could use the webbrowser module to open url’s in response to click events. If you have more specific questions, please use the Dash forum category.