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Add custom data to plotly datapoint Or usage of customdata references

I want to custom data to ploty data points .In documentation there is a reference named customdata which can be used for adding custom data. but i don’t know how to use this reference

Like this

can we add a whole column to customdata?
i have scatter 3d plot generated by R .which have x-axis from one colum named (“follower_count”) y-axis from another colum named (“friend_count”) and z-axis form another named(“status_count”) so i want o show on point click another column named(“screen_name”). Is you have better suggestion ?

Any js object can go in customdata

You mean to say that any column or extra data(URL) can be added through custom data.
one more thing is that you show me customdata method only in plotlyJs. Is this mehtod is same for plotlyJs in R ?