Add a store icon in my map

i want to put a store icon in my map, but i dont find how to do that, i just make my heatmap, but to finished i want to put this store icons. the code is bellow

import pandas as pd
import as px

df = pd.read_excel('Estudo mapa\dados_test_map.xlsx')

fig = px.density_mapbox(df, lat = 'latitude', lon = 'longitude',
                        radius = 9,
                        center = dict(lat = -23.5489, lon = -46.6388),
                        zoom = 9,
                        mapbox_style = 'open-street-map',
                        color_continuous_scale = 'rainbow',
                        opacity = 0.5

Does this discussion help? From this, the options seem rather limited but I don’t know if things have moved on since then: