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Active cell is right aligned instead left like the table itself

Hi everyone, my table aligns the active cell to the right. Where I can set this option to left?

here is my init table definition:

                        style_cell={'textAlign': 'left'},
                        style_data={'border': '1px solid white',
                                    'backgroundColor': 'rgb(30, 30, 30)',
                                    'color': 'white', 'textAlign': 'left'},
                        style_header={'border': '1px solid white',
                                      'backgroundColor': 'rgb(30, 30, 30)',
                                      'color': 'white'},

I had to solve this using css:

    text-align: inherit !important;

    text-align: inherit !important;

Curious to see, if there is a better solution without css but this should help you cure the symptom. Generally, checking developer tools of the browser you are using (e.g. by selecting “Inspect element”) goes a long way for debugging/improving the css.

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It’s working, I just need to put the css file in the assets folder and it was load automagically: