About spikelines un 3d graphs

I am discovering the 3d Plot graphs with plotly.js
Is it possible To actívate the spikellines for a point not on hover but with an instruction?

We don’t expose a way to do that at the moment unfortunately.

You can try faking a mouse event (like we do in our tests here) to programmatically make spikes appear on 3d graphs.

Hello, Etienne.

Thank you very much for your reply.

I think your answer goes in the right direction, and working hard enough might have served me well. But as what I wanted was only to see the spikelines corresponding to a point without using the cursor (to see it also in mobile devices) what I have done is to draw them with a new trace. A little sloppy, but it works for me.

Taking advantage of your kindness, another question. I draw a surface with contours, which are also projected on the xy plane. It works great in all the browsers I’ve tried, except Firefox. Not only with my figure, but also with the examples of your website… Is it a known problem? Is there anything I can do to avoid it?

I found Plotly.js looking to add to my usual 2D figures (with jsxgraph) some in 3D. And I think it’s a great tool (although my programming knowledge is very limited and getting something from the examples and the reference page has been quite complicated).

If my work results in something that is going to be published, Plotly will be conveniently referenced.

Thank you very much.


Hi Javier,
Thanks for using Plotly!
Wondering if the issue you mentioned with Firefox resolved?
I recall fixing a surface bug for Firefox at one point.
Best regards