9 different plots show data from the same day

I have a data set of temperature/times that I have created individual plot graphs per day. I created 9 days of graphs (12 am - 11:59 PM). When going back to each respective plot/graph they all show the same data from one particular day.

Here is a dashboard of all the graphs I am referring to.


Nice dashboard!

Not sure why the data is the same for each graph. Are you sure you’re sending different data to each graph?

Also, if you can control it, Plotly works better with dates when they are formatted this way:
yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS.ssssss

Thanks on the dashboard!

What is the proper procedure of making multiple plots from a set of data that I’m going to filter by day? Should I copy the for each respective plot?

Yes, copy the data for each respective plot (don’t reference the same dataset).