403 errors when deployed dash app on AWS lamda using Zappa

I deployed a simple app using Zappa on AWS lambda. It is working fine locally but on the URL i see 403 errors.

dash-layout:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()
_dash-dependencies:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()

Following are my libraries :

boto3 1.9.253 The AWS SDK for Python
botocore 1.12.253 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3.
brotli 1.0.9 Python bindings for the Brotli compression library
certifi 2020.6.20 Python package for providing Mozilla’s CA Bundle.
chardet 3.0.4 Universal encoding detector for Python 2 and 3
chart-studio 1.1.0 Utilities for interfacing with plotly’s Chart Studio
cryptography 2.9.2 cryptography is a package which provides cryptographic recipes and primitives to
dash 1.17.0 A Python framework for building reactive web-apps. Developed by Plotly.
dash-auth 1.4.1 Dash Authorization Package.
dash-core-components 1.13.0 Core component suite for Dash
dash-html-components 1.1.1 Vanilla HTML components for Dash
dash-renderer 1.8.3 Front-end component renderer for Dash
dash-table 4.11.0 Dash table
decorator 4.4.2 Decorators for Humans
flask 1.1.2 A simple framework for building complex web applications.
flask-compress 1.5.0 Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip or brotli.
urllib3 1.25.10 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more.
wcwidth 0.2.5 Measures the displayed width of unicode strings in a terminal
werkzeug 0.16.1 The comprehensive WSGI web application library.
wheel 0.35.1 A built-package format for Python
zappa 0.50.0 Server-less Python Web Services for AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Following is my layout

import os

import dash
import dash_auth

from flask import Flask

def createapp():
    server = Flask(__name__)
    return server

def registerdashapp(app):

    dash_app = dash.Dash(__name__,server=app)
    with app.app_context():

        import dash_html_components as html
        import dash_core_components as dcc

        layout = html.Div([
                style={"textAlign": "center", "text-transform": "uppercase"},
        dash_app.layout = layout

Hey, were you able to find a solution to this? I am also stuck with this error.

Chatter on here seems to have more information. I am working through the suggestions.