Dash-auth causes other pages served by the flask server to 403

I have a css and javascript document both in flask’s /static/ that were delivered fine prior to using dash-auth==1.0.0 with

app_vndr.css.append_css({'external_url': '/static/vendor.css'})
app_vndr.scripts.append_script({'external_url': '/static/vendor.js'}) 

Now that I’ve added dash-auth with

auth = dash_auth.BasicAuth(
    [['<uid>', '<pwd>']]

both documents return status 403.

If possible, I’d like to avoid having these being in-line in the dash layout. Is this possible without getting 403 errors?



I’m experiencing a similar issue: using dash_auth.BasicAuth, my Dash app is not able to serve the static files (stylesheets and images) located in my assets folder, and I get a 403 error:


This works just fine without authentication.

Any idea how to solve that?

My configuration:
dash (0.26.0)
dash-auth (1.1.2)
dash-core-components (0.27.1)
dash-html-components (0.11.0)
dash-renderer (0.13.2)

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for reporting, it looks like the static and assets routes are not properly wrapped, I will look into the issue.