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3D Scatter plot disappears

I have a page with a 3D scatter plot. I’m observing that sometimes the plot will temporarily disappear. This happens especially often when I scroll the plot out of view in the browser window. I’m always able to get it to re-appear when I mouse over it.

Had anyone else observed this behavior? Is there something I can do to prevent the plot from disappearing?

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Yes I have the same issue when I am trying to draw a mesh3d.

Yes, i see the same behavior in my 3D plots. I haven’t found any solution yet.

here’s an example:

when this loads in chrome, i see this:

And only after hovering over the figure, or interacting in some way does the plot appear.

I can confirm this with scatter 3d chart but only on Chrome (65).

Listing info about your OS and hardware would help us immensely. WebGL rendering can be very machine-dependent sometimes. Thank you all.

I’m using Chrome (V65) and Windows 7 Enterprise,

what hardware info would you like?

I still have this problem. does anyone know how to solve it??

I’m having the same issue with Chrome (latest stable build) and switching over to Firefox solved it for me.

3D surface also disappear when a mouse quickly move to outside of chart area. It is randomly happen. FireFox is not disappear. Anyone address this issue in Chrome?

Have you tried upgrading Chrome to v78?

I’ve noticed this problem using the Brave browser (even with shields off), but switching to (the latest) Chrome allows me to see the plots.