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3D plot x-axis and y-axis lables cutt off

Hi everyone,
I am using a 3D plot. My x-label ,and y -label of the 3D plot seems to cut off. Is there a way that the complete image can be viewed without the tapper at the end!

The code I used is as follows,

fig = go.Figure()

fig.add_trace(go.Scatter3d(x=env.act_inital_x, y=env.act_inital_y, z=env.act_inital_z,
mode=‘markers’, marker=dict(color=“palegreen”, size=4))

fig.add_trace(go.Scatter3d(x=env.xsuc, y=env.ysuc, z=env.zsuc,
mode=“markers”, marker=dict(color=“blue”, size=4))

fig.add_trace(go.Scatter3d(x=env.xGoal_, y=env.yGoal_, z=env.zGoal_,
mode=‘markers’, marker=dict(color=“red”, size=8, symbol=“cross”),



                  xaxis=dict(range=[0.2, 3.8],tickmode = 'array',
                             title="<b>X-axis</b>", autorange=False),
                  yaxis=dict(range=[-0.37, +0.37],
                             title="<b>Y-axis</b>", autorange=False),
                  zaxis=dict(range=[0.7, 1.1],
                             title="<b>Z-axis</b>", autorange=False),



Any sort of help woud be helpful.Thanks in advance!