360 degree Knob/Compass like input component


I’m looking for a component like Knob, which would allow me to enter a 360-degree direction (compass like). Any recommendations?


Hi @kiteme, not sure how this looks like based on your description.

How would you want to use this component or what is the purpose of the component?

I would basically like to have a circle, and when the user clicks somewhere on the outline (e.g. green point), the arrow is shown from the centre of the circle (red point) to where the user clicked (green point), and I get value ~50 degrees (out of 360 degrees) - geographic direction input

There is no dash component I know of with this behaviour. There is the daq.Gauge() but it’s not clickable as you describe.

It depends on your design requirements, but you might use a Scatterplot with two traces (circle and arrow) and listen to the clickData on the circle trace to update the arrow trace accordingly. The looks of such a solution is not very professional, though :wink:

no worries, I might need to either try as you suggested or maybe build my own component in Dash. thanks!

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