1 Big Chart & 4 Subplots In One Image?

Hi there,

Can someone tell me if it is possible to have 1 large plot sit on top of 4 smaller subplots? I see code here https://plot.ly/python/multiple-axes/ for 4 Multiple Y Axes Subplots, but I’d like to have 1 large chart sit on top if possible. Is Plotly capable of this? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Well you could have them as 2 separate callbacks with each of them returning to a separate div().
So two div()s stacked on top with unique ids. Then pass to the children of that each respective id.
Is that what you were asking?

Hi @reggiebizzle,

Here’s an example of overlaying one set of axes on top of another as an inset https://plot.ly/python/insets/. So you might be able to extend this. Feel free to share more detail on what you want to end up with.