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Cant merge two figures into one big figure with sub figures, like subplots

I have two customized figures which have multiple x axis and data sets. I am looking to add them to create one big figure with two sub figures , similar to sub plots.
we do see subplots method, and append_ trace method, however I could not find any append_fig method.
Can someone help here ?



This or thatdidn’t help you?
I don’t really get what you intend to do.


Hi Rena,
Thanks for replying.

I have created two/multiple customized figures which have like few traces/multiple axes/ formatiing etc. Say if I have two figures
fig1 = Figure(data= data, layout = layout)
fig2 = Figure(date = data2. layout = layout)

How do I make a Big Figure which has subplots Fig1 and Fig2.

Note: This is different than having subplots in 1 figure. For that i can create subplots with tools and use append_trace() method to create subplots.

I am looking for something similar for Figures. something like append_fig method for already existing two figures.

Not sure if I explained well ? Let me know .

Hope you can help. I am unable to find much help online for this one.



Sorry, I can’t help you with this.
Not sure if it’s possible yet.

@joshijay655 looks at fig.append_trace in the Python subplots documentation:

I think this is the closed to what you are looking for.

If you want a drag-drop interface for arranging multiple plots made in Python, try the online dashboards GUI:


(You’ll have to save your Python plots to your plot.ly account first)

Thanks Jack. Can we create the dashboard like for offline plots ?