X axis label location of annotated heatmap

Hi guys, I get a issue when trying to make a annotated plot with python plotly.
My code is like:

fig = ff.create_annotated_heatmap(zlist, x=xlist, y=ylist, colorscale=‘Viridis’)
fig[‘layout’].update(height=1500, width=1500, title=’’)
plt.plot(fig, filename=‘annotated_heatmap_text’)

My plot is in the attachment

Is it possible to move the x axis label to bottom ? Many thanks! I am going to put title in the top, i try to move x label labels to bottom to avoid overlapping


  1. Could you describe the issue with your plot, please?

  2. To move the x labels to bottom, insert after fig=ff.create.... the following layout updates:

    fig[‘layout’].update(title=‘Your title’, width=1500, height=1500, autosize=False)

Thanks a lot! I just want to move the x axis label to bottom. now this is solved by your answer. :slight_smile: