Wrong HTML element positions

Dear forum,

I tried looking for a solution but this problem doesn’t seem to be very common.
Some of the items plotly is creating are not at the right position. I know about the css transform problem.
I tried solving it by undoing the transform, but this particular part of the problem hasn’t changed.
So the problem is that, for example the modebar, is not displayed because it is positioned outside of the div the plot is displayed in.
Also the container which contains the hover elements is displayed right beneath the plot canvas.
If I have a look at the elements, they are positioned inside the div “svg-container” just without any position attribute. This leads to each element beneath the other.

Any ideas what causes this behavior? And of course any idea how to fix this?

Kind regards

Ok, I found that all the styling attributes which the elements have, comparing to other examples, are just not there.
Although other examples have no special stylesheet tags it seems that plotly is setting the style of the elements by itself. It just doesn’t reach the elements of my plot.
Any ideas?

Thanks for writing in!

Could you try to replicate your problem in a codepen/jsfiddle/jsbin to help us debug?