Width of Scattergeo with "orthographic" projection

How do you make a scattergeo plot wider? The frame seems to be fixed as a square. I want to remove the white areas highlight in yellow on the image below.

fig = go.Figure(go.Scattergeo(
        mode = "lines",
        lon = cords_sub['gps_lon'],
        lat = cords_sub['gps_lat'],
        marker = {'size': 10, 'color':'#d30000'},


        margin ={'l':0,'t':5,'b':0,'r':0},

I have this same issue, and wasn’t able to find a solution. The best I could come up with is generating a rough latitude and longitude range based on the center point of the display.

 # Get the center lat and lon
    if projection_dict['type'] == "orthographic":
        center_lat = projection_dict['rotation']['lat']
        center_lon = projection_dict['rotation']['lon']
        center_lat = 40
        center_lon = -100

    # generate a lat_range and lon_range
    lat_range = [-90 if center_lat <= -60 else center_lat - 30, 90 if center_lat >= 60 else center_lat + 30]
    lon_range = [-180 if center_lon <= -120 else center_lon - 60, 180 if center_lon >= 120 else center_lon + 60]

Then take those lat_range and lon_range values and update the layout.geo of the figure like so:


It’s not perfect, but it does a decent job of filling most of the space.

Hello @donlan.ryan,

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To avoid this issue, since the map is constrained to the margins, I use scatter_mapbox.

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Appreciate the response. Unfortunately, I am stuck using ScatterGeo because I am working with a legacy dashboard

I recommend adjusting the size and margin to try to make it fill everything.