Why this figure width is shrinked?

I’m new to Plotly.
just experimenting with a sinus curve…
basic fig.show() works fine.
(I’ve realized the figure width always adjusts to the notebook / editor screen width).

But when trying to show just a static image (svg or png)
by fig.show("svg"), the resulting figure width is shrinked.
How can I set it to be exactly same as in fig.show() ?

Thank you.

my screenshots:
nice full width:

But why this shrinked width? :

HI @marian welcome to the forums.

Try specifying a width via fig.update_layout('width': 500) before fig.show()

is it possible the other way around?

If I am satisfied with the first output, how can I retrieve the width from the first figure and apply it on second figure?
(I tried print(fig) but there is no width parameter.)

thank you