Why does the vertical line created by add_vline does not extend indefinetely on the y axis?

Why does the vline does not extend indefinetely on the y axis?

Same problem is described here github.com/plotly/plotly.py/issues/2979 but no solution is provided. I can find descriptions of a workaround here: Plotly: how to make an unbounded vertical line in a subplot? but the workaround is quite verbose and not so neat.

I would really like to use the add_vline functionality and I am a bit puzzled as documentation clearly says “Add a vertical line to a plot or subplot that extends infinitely in the y-dimension.” and all examples here extends beyond 1 too: Therefore it looks to me like the intended behavior should be to have the line extends beyond 1.

See how graph renders here:


The add_vline function uses recently-added features in the underlying rendering engine, Plotly.js, meaning you need a recent version of Plotly.js wherever you are using Plotly.py. In practice this means installing the latest jupyterlab-plotly extension in JupyterLab, the latest dash/dash_core_components in Dash, or waiting until VSCode and/or Streamlit update their onboard copies of Plotly.js, if you’re seeing this problem in those environments.

More information can be found here: Troubleshooting | Python | Plotly

Thank you @nicolaskruchten that makes a lot of sense. I am experiencing the problem with Dash - in my corporate setting I can upgrade to version 1.13.4 at the moment. I can see the latest is 1.19. Is there a way to know from which version it would work? (assuming my I.T. department will not be willing to jump too many versions at once)

Never mind, was able to upgrade to latest version and it works fine now, thanks @nicolaskruchten !