Why can't we login on the forum using Safari 14.1.2, Chrome 113.0.5672, nor Opera 14.0.1?


I can’t login on the forum from my smartphone.

Given its age and the browsers versions I tried to login from (Safari 14.1.2, Chrome 113.0.5672, Opera 14.0.1), it seems absurd. Most of them are barely 1 year old.

What’s the cause of this?

Edit: typo in the title, I do have iOS 14.8 and Safari 14.8

that’s really weird, @David22

What kind of error is it giving you?

It’s probably a problem with Safari, but just in case, what’s your phone’s age?

iPhone 12 Mini, iOS 14.2.

And I won’t upgrade because every upgrade would make the phone intentionally slower, just so that users start feeling an artificial need of buying a new smartphone.

Screenshots on Safari, Chrome, and Opera:


That’s really old…

I would recommend updating…

There are reasons why browser support discontinues, and websites generally only need to support a couple versions behind the current.

All the other issues are probably stemming from your iOS being outdated.

This “exploit” was related to the Pegasus buzz.
I don’t think that I should be concerned by such a problem, and I do not expect MBS’friends to knock at my door anytime soon to cut me in pieces… :smile:

Moreover, if I had iOS 14.2 I don’t see why I should be forbidden from accessing the forum. The website/browser mentions a browser issue. While iOS and Safari are bundled together, Opera and CHrome are not.

Note that there was a typo in my answer, my phone has iOS 14.8. Not 14.2. Sorry for that

So, it seems that there is no relation between the 0 day vulnerability mentioned above, and my accessibility issues…since I do have the patched iOS version

iOS 14.8 is not old. It’s just 1.75 years. How long has Internet Explorer been supported, in comparison ? :upside_down_face:

I couldn’t find Safari 14.8 on this page:

But I found it there:

Like I said, I think the other browsers are stemming from the safari browser and the ability to render the on-screen content.

I agree with this.

But the problem remains. Am I supposed to upgrade to iOS 16, end up with a slower phone, and eventually buy a new iDevice just to access the forum ? Does it really make sense ?

I don’t think Planet Earth gonna be happy with that :upside_down_face:


That’s what is generating the issue. :wink:


Then couldn’t this script be slightly modified ? I don’t see the benefit of blocking not-that-old-browsers

This is an issue with discourse, not Plotly. I’m not sure that Plotly can adjust it.

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hi @David22
@jinnyzor is right. I’ll talk to discourse and see if they can do anything.

It has nothing to do with Plotly indeed, but I assumed there was a “discourse admin” somewhere. I never tried their service as a customer, so, I’m clueless regarding what can/can’t be done. I’m just a user, here.
Based on this disucssion and on their website, it seems that they provide a service and handle everything…

Thanks for the answers @adamschroeder, @jinnyzor

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@jinnyzor , @adamschroeder
I found this post:

→ Discourse was still supporting iOS 12 (2018) until January 2023.

It also explains why I have the same issue with Safari, Chrome, and Opera:

After that, iOS 12 and 13 users will then be shown the non-interactive basic HTML view. All iOS browsers are based on Safari so this will affect all of them, including Chrome, Firefox and DiscourseHub.

The DiscourseHub app (and all other browsers on iOS) use Safari under the covers. So this will also affect the DiscourseHub app on iOS 12.

THere is also this thread: Backwards compatibility with older browsers - #53 by Ed_S - support - Discourse Meta
About the backward compatibility

Eventually, I found this last post:

This change has now been merged . iOS 12, 13 and 14 devices will now be shown the basic HTML view. We continue to support iOS 15.7+.

This is absolutely stupid. iOS 15.7 is 6 month old (!)

Might be related to this:

Hi @jinnyzor , I appreciate your answers, time, and activity on the forum. Thanks for being there :slight_smile:

As we can see in your quote, it’s a “may be”.

As always: they don’t write "under some extremely rare circumstances, for a very small group of users, if this condition is met and these 234 others conditions are also met, then “an app may be able”.
They don’t write it, but in practice it’s often what it is.

Problems are that

  1. a very small number of people might be concerned.
  2. even if the group of possible impacted users was large, in case of issue it would be the consequence of their own choice.
  3. you can be sure that there is also pseudo security issues with iOS 15.7, 16 and 17. There are always been security issues, in every iOS, since 2007, and there will always be. It’s again and again the same cycle. Every now and then, they publish an alarming news, as an incentive to upgrade.

Let’s do a parallel , imagine a virtual situation where:
People buy cars that have 12, 13, or 14 airbags.
Every 6-12 months, manufacturers consider that “old” cars lack an airbag to protect drivers’ ankles in case of crash, and, in reaction to this, fuel stations prevent cars owners to buy fuel and fill their tank.
Cars owners have to pay to get a new airbag installed in their car to be able to keep using their car, and fill up their tank.

Very likely, this would be deemed absurd.

With discourse, the situation is similar:
People buy phone with iOS 12, 13, 14,
Every year, the manufacturer releases a new heavier iOS version, so that users progressively feel the need to upgrade the hardware. Manufacturer also prevents the most recent iOS to be installed on the oldest phones.
If you don’t upgrade the software nor the hardware, then a service provider starts preventing users to click on the login button.

Another one:
Cyclists should wear helmets.
Would it make sense for a restaurant to stop serving customers that don’t wear any helmet?

Then, assuming security updates are really important:
Smartphones users should update their phones.
Does it make sense for a website to prevent users to login on the website ?

We can login on our bank accounts, and many other website that do require securityy, from this very same iOS 14.8/Safari 14.8.
But we can’t on Discourse. Which is, basically, a forum.

hi @David22
Nice job finding that Discourse Meta post.

I agree that it’s unfortunate, and that allowing you to have a good user experience only via a desktop/laptop is not the ideal user experience.

You parallels make sense to me. Did you plan to post that on the Discourse Meta post you found?

Yes, I created a thread yesterday, got 2 answers in the meantime:

ANd this thread: