Whiskers as outliers boxplot

What I am trying to achieve is a graph with multiple boxplots where the outliers are not showing so that the y-axis is smaller (y-axis: 0-1000).
I’ve tried using ‘boxpoint=False’, but then the whiskers are automatically updated to the height of the outliers and the y-axis of the graph is still as high as it is with outliers as points. (y-axis: 0-3000)

Because the outliers I have are way higher than the boxplot itself, it makes the boxplot smaller and less comparable with the other boxplots.

Maybe try boxpoints= False (instead of boxpoint)?

Ah a typo, that’s what i tried. But then the whisker will get longer instead of staying the same length (as it would if boxpoints = “outliers”) so the y-axis still is the same height.