Where can I find Plotly chart sample codes based on 'add_trace()' method?


I understand that Plotly documentation started to recommends the use of Plotly Express and removed old chart code samples based on add_trace() method. For my work, I can’t use Plotly Express. I need to add traces to an existing subplot figure.

I am learning that most of the Plotly Chats examples are based on Plotly Express.

Is there any way to find an equivalent sample code that show sample code using fig = go.Figure() and fig.add_trace() methods?

I am watching YouTube trainings and I found that back in 2019, all Plotly sample codes were based on add_trace() method. Do we have access to Plotly documentation before the Plotly Express?

Thank you,

Hi @python-trader
Here is the page on add_trace(). However, almost every Plotly graph will have examples of both Plotly Express and then Plotly Graph Objects, which is what you’re looking for.

Look at the line chart page. It has the first examples in Plotly Express and if you scroll down you can see Graph Objects examples with add_trace().