Where are all the Plotly Dash jobs?

I really like Plotly Dash since Python is my favorite language and after learning to make an app in Php and JavaScript, for me it seems so much easier to write everything in Python that to deal with two different languages that made passing json from server to client side an adventure.
So I did my final capstone projects in my undergrad CS in Plotly Dash.

Bioinformatics Sequence Alignment app: GitHub - nyck33/bio_pam_blosum

Food Micronutrient Tracker app: GitHub - nyck33/bioactive_dash: Bioactive compounds and micronutrients

I am working on deploying either one or both to boost my portfolio with the hopes that I could land a Python and Plotly Dash position.

But do they exist and if so are they few and far between? Or is this Plotly-Dash more of “one of the requirements” to get a data science job?

Also, since JS and CSS files can be added, isn’t Plotly Dash capable of building apps that are just as sophisticated as those built with Flask or most other frameworks? I am really lost here as to whether I should keep working on my Plotly Dash abilities or do something else to land a job. It’s been five months since I graduated and I have come close but no cigar quite yet.

There are plenty of job opportunity available online specifically for Plotly Dash skills.
You can try looking up on platforms like Upwork, create your portfolio showcasing your skills on Upwork.
Another great freelancing platform is Fiverr where you can post your gigs and people interested can hire or offer you projects.
And if you are looking for full time jobs look up on LinkedIn, I have seen companies posting jobs for developers with Plotly Dash skills. You can also follow @DaveG LinkedIn profile he regularly posts about job updates for Plotly Dash on his feed.

Good Luck :slightly_smiling_face: